Imagine a life of ease where your body, mind and spirit feel soothed.
Where caring for yourself is simple, and community invites you to belong.
Where we nurture you with Indigenous ways of knowing and being.

Welcome to Elemental Adaptation

Intuitive Body Work

hands on treatment

Facilitator Led Forest Bathing

[re] Connect With Your Planet
feel safer with a guide
Basic Outdoor Education

Somatic Therapy

Get To Know Your Authentic Self
trauma informed care
Begin To Move Forward

Movement Classes

body led, not thought led
Deeply Nourishing

Visualization Workshops

Basic Placebo Education
goal setting
Guided Visualization


Learn With Me Through Blog Posts
science and metaphysical
Ask Questions and Get Involved

Drumming Meditation

Lightly Guided
movement and vocalizations
Introspective Journey

Animal Guide Journey

Guided Meditation
learn how to interact with your animal
Receive Messages From Your Guide

Sign up for community updates and invitations from Devan


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