About Devan

Hello Beautiful People

I am Devan, founder of Elemental Adaptation, facilitator of the human experience.

Since 2008 I’ve been working in vulnerable spaces, human to human, offering Massage Therapy and then later on Craniosacral Therapy. Over the years my body work practice has shifted to a more holistic treatment that takes the whole person into consideration. It’s no longer ethical for me to see a person in chronic pain and not consider all parts of their being as contributors. Your mind and spirit both have a role in your functioning and your body is where these pieces speak out. I’m here to help you learn the language so we can both listen to what the messages of your body are trying to say.

I’m here to walk you along a path to calmer pastures, better relationships, and maybe even a new found sense of self.

I do this with modalities of Life Coaching, Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Relational Therapy Tools, Intention and Goal Setting, Accountability, Guided Forest Bathing, Visualization, Body Led Movement, One on One and Group Care, Safe Community, and Indigenous Teachings.

I am trauma informed with an understanding of the stress response through a polyvagal lens which allows me to offer you a unique personalized experience.

I come to you as a mother of a teenaged son and the wife of an electrician. I’ve been on a long and arduous journey of recovery from my own trauma and the burn out that came with that. I set myself up for a difficult life start after High School by using drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanisms. By 19 I was pregnant and without a career. This was just not going to do, and so began my path of betterment.

I live in the beautiful city of Calgary and I enjoy various types of outdoor activities at all times of the year. These activities keep me connected with our Collective Mother and allow for a groundedness unlike anything I can find indoors.

I am an avid reader of mostly non-fiction work but will occasionally indulge in fiction. These indulgences tend to happen during the cold months at the end of the year, once the darkness has set in, but before January.

I find deep wonder in the Spring and Autumn seasonal changes. I stay very present with the earth between September to November, and March to May. Consciously trying during these periods to match my heartbeat to the heartbeat of the land.

Chaga brewed for hours in my crock-pot & boxed chai tea mixes are a decadent and pleasurable indulgence for me.

I enjoy creating and dancing. I can be silly and find small things amusing. I laugh easily and often. Humor heals and it’s a medicine I gift, and receive, daily.

I find my spirit experiences the deepest calm and most profound awe when I’m surrounded by earthly elements.

I have a love for beautiful things and poetic writing.
A love for human experience and deep emotion.
A love for childish perspective and unabashed play.
A love for us and our home.
A love for you,
and a love for me

I’m truly honored to have you here and I have an excitement around getting to know who you are.

Welcome, friend.