About Devan

Hello Beautiful People

I am Devan, founder of Elemental Adaptation, facilitator of the human experience.

I’m here to walk you along a path to calmer pastures, better relationships, and maybe even a new found sense of self. I do this with modalities of Life Coaching, Craniosacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Somatic Relational Therapy tools and Indigenous teachings. I am trauma informed with an understanding of the stress response through a polyvagal lens which allows me to offer you a unique experience.

I come to you as a mother of a teenaged son and the wife of an electrician. I have experience with my own trauma and the long road of effort required to recover from it.

I live in the beautiful city of Calgary and enjoy various types of outdoor activities at all times of the year.

I am an avid reader of mostly non-fiction work but will occasionally indulge in historical fiction, usually during the winter months at the end of the year.

Seasonal changes bring me joy.

Chaga brewed for hours & boxed chai tea mixes are a decadent indulgence for me.

I enjoy creating, dancing and laughing. Humor heals.

I have a love for beautiful things and poetic writing.

I find my spirit experiences the deepest calm and most profound joy when I’m surrounded by the elements.

And, I’m truly honored to have you here. Welcome, friend.