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Intuitive Craniosacral / Massage Blend

This is a culmination of many types of therapies and teachings Devan has been learning since 2008. These include acupressure, craniosacral therapy, massage, and lymph drainage. It may include techniques like tissue holding, energy work, trauma pattern release, compressions, passive range of motion (stretching), trigger point therapy, traction, and a whole lot more. You’ll stay fully clothed for the duration of the treatment and oil will not be used. Treatments include assessment and integration.

Free Consultations are available

Prices vary depending on length of treatment.

Prices and booking link can be found under Touch Therapy here.

Somatic Therapy

Learn to regulate your nervous system by working through behavioral adaptations due to small t and big T traumas. Uncover the source of who you are, transform your life with personal development, find fulfillment and peace, achieve goals and move forward. This isn’t your momma’s talk therapy. New research in the field is showing all signs are pointing to the body. Working with it – rather than working with the brain, is showing us how quickly we can move into soul revival. It may seem like a strange therapy at first but you’ll soon see how right brain focused therapy brings us into a healthy alignment with ourselves, our goals, and those around us. This offering pulls from teachings of Sharon Stanley, Allan Shore, Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk, Daniel Siegel, Irene Lyon and more. As well as Devan’s experiences and education with Shamanic Medicine, Life Coaching, Space Holding for Expanded States, Massage and Craniosacral Therapy, Ancestral and Past Life work, and Internal Family Systems.

Free Consultations are available

$100 for a 75 minute treatment

Booking link can be found here.

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Psychedelic Integration Sessions

This is a great place to land if you’ve been left to flounder on your own after a psychedelic journey. Sometimes we are left feeling fragmented, with questions or yearnings, experiencing disappointment from expectation or emotional highs or lows, some of us go through social withdrawal, or even have an inability to understand our journey, potentially with an emptiness that won’t subside. This is a space where you’ll find support, validation and comfort, a space to feel heard and seen in a way that your facilitators may have not offered you. Together you and I will carefully mine and integrate the things the medicine may have shown you. We will work together to get you back up on your feet, where seeing in the land of the blind doesn’t feel so lonely.

Free Consultations are available

$40 for a 60 minute treatment

Booking link can be found here.

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